The Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (Junior Championships) is a new event which sees the separation of the Under 19 and Under 23 age group divisions from the past “Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (AJVC)”. Traditionally the AJVC hosted Under 17, Under 19 and Under 23 age groups and was restricted in entry to only state representative teams from around Australia and New Zealand.

After years of development and the addition of younger age groups, the championships have been split into 2 separate events. The Australian Youth Volleyball Championships (Youth Championships) and the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (Junior Championships). The “Youth Championships” will remain as a state representative event with division offerings for under 14, under 15, under 16, under 17 and under 18 age groups. The “Junior Championships” will be expanded to include teams from any affiliated state, association, club, training academy or international federation in under 19 and under 23 age groups.

Team members (including team staff) must be members their state volleyball association for their entry to be accepted.